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Maikki Nekton

What’s a woman to do when she’s suddenly diagnosed with a rare liver disease, typically found in men, at 32 years old, followed shortly thereafter by the unfortunate news that she had Cholangiocarcinoma (cancer of the bile ducts) – a cancer only affecting six thousand people per year, most commonly those 65 or older. After several “What the f**k’s?”,and more than a few “Why me’s?”, she did what any licensed clinical social worker, who also happened to be a self-admitted perfectionist and overachiever type would do: she decided she would plan the heck out of beating cancer. Only one small obstacle stood in her way…okay, maybe a few obstacles. Chemo, radiation, and the small task of finding a new liver. Through her sometimes grueling, and surprisingly humor filled journey, Maikki found not only a new liver, not only remission, but a front row seat to the power hope provides us.

Jen Head Shot

Jenifer DeMattia

What’s a woman to do when her former co-worker, turned partner in everything, best friend gets diagnosed with a disease no one has heard of and then a cancer, quite frankly, no one has heard of?  And then to be told that the only chance of survival is a liver transplant, which would not come in time unless a living donor emerged. After several “What the f**k’s?” and more than a few “Why me’s?” she did what any stay-at-home mom blogger who happened to be a self-admitted procrastinator and general anxiety prone type would do: she decided to donate her liver to save herself and children from a certain chaotic fate without her friend. Through her sometimes grueling, and hysterical journey of organ donation, Jen’s liver grew back, her friend came back from the depths of hell – otherwise known as the battle against cancer, and her sense of purpose and overall outlook on life was forever found.